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The woman who had the issue for twelve years was in desperate need of healing. She had went to multiple doctors depleting her funds but yet she remained in a state of distress.

As women, we often carry around issues that leave us depleted financially, emotionally, socially, and physically. We often try self help remedies, spend thousands on self care thinking this will “fix” us, and max our credit cards out participating in retail therapy.

I am sure the woman with the issue of twelve years, became bitter as she realized nothing was working for her. I am sure she isolated herself from her family and friends as she was overwhelmed and exhausted.

Is this sounding familiar? Just like this woman, after we have tried everything and even tried to “ fake it till we make it “, we begin to shy away from our family, friends, and social activities that once made us happy. When we do show up we often do the bare minimum due to fatigue and exhaustion.

But, the women heard Jesus was passing by and she knew she was guaranteed to be healed if she could only touch His garment…

As women, it is imperative that we identify who we need to come in contact with so we can be healed. We need to be healed of people and their expectations of us. We need to be healed of expectations we set for ourselves that are tiring depleting us of our energy and most importantly depleting our ability to worship the one who sustains us.

We have to know Jesus is passing by and run to where He is so we can just touch the hem of his garment…,

Women, it is ok to admit that you need help and that you have tried everything and everybody.

Today you have the ability to touch His garment. Don’t worry about anything else today other than getting to the one who heals. Do whatever is necessary and get in His presence today. It make take the last bit of energy you have but stretch your heart, mind, and spirit and touch Him today.

Immediately after the woman touched Him, her issue dried up. If you touch Him today, your issue will dry up and He will give you strength to overcome things attached to you because of the issue you had. He will give you momentum, endurance to move forward.

Be encouraged today, you can be healed and made whole today through Christ Jesus.

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