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Reflect on what occurred this year and assess what role each occurrence played into your destiny.....

Often we endure hardship without recognizing that because God allows it, He covers and protects you.

This year amazing things have happened but those amazing things were overshadowed by occurrences I may have not been prepared for.

I definitely did not fight and endure well. My faith became depleted and at times I walked aimlessly through the process.

A few weeks ago I was reminded that after I have suffered a little while I would be restored and made strong.

It's the's necessary although it hurts.

It's the suffering that defines your character....

it's the suffering that builds your faith

its the suffering that causes you to seek differently

He has established me.....and He will establish you. Be encouraged difficult times do not last always. There is purpose in you and there is purpose in what you are going through.

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  • Writer's picturedforsvisions

Taking a chance at love is like choosing to walk in the pouring rain without an umbrella. And I hate walking in the rain.

Trying not to be afraid; trying not to feel rejected; trying not to be triggered... every day requires effort.

Take a chance . Take your time and extend yourself some grace.

You deserve to be loved and you deserve to love someone else.

What happened before doesn't matter. You are whole, healed, and complete.

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  • Writer's picturedforsvisions

As I am on my journey to discovering who I am, I realize how I have been over playing my role in the lives of others who aren't interested in doing the same.

I have invested in being everything to everyone but coming up short when I need someone.

Honestly, and I being transparent as so should you, I pushed away people who would have been there for me to make room for people who won't be. Hurts doesn't it!

To correct this within myself, well I have taken the first steps. Realizing I have failed myself and admitting it.

I will always love people wholeheartedly but no more assisting in areas in which I should not and allowing others to support me in areas I need it.

I encourage you to look around at who shows up for you supporting you not when they can but when you need them. Who offers to support you spiritually, mentally, physically, socially, and or financially......

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Just Talking

 Sellittia Johnson is a native of Tennessee born and raised in Pulaski. Sellittia was educated in the Giles County School system and graduated Giles County High School in 1991.  While in high school, Sellittia joined the Tennessee National Guard and went on to enlist in active duty Army in 2003. 

After receiving an honorable discharge from the Army in 2007, Sellittia went on to pursue an education in psychology and mental health counseling. She received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Martin Methodist College in 2012 and earned a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Argosy University in 2017. Sellittia has a desire for learning and improving herself through continuing her education and plans to study Speech Pathology at Tennessee State University.

Sellittia has a heart to advocate for those who are not able to advocate for themselves.  She has worked in community mental health and direct support care for persons with disabilities. Sellittia is employed by the State of Tennessee Department of Human Services as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. Her heart has led her to a life of servitude and although she had to overcome various obstacles, she now feels she has reached a place of total continuous healing and is able to serve in a more excellent way.

Throughout her life, Sellittia has served in various church auxiliaries and in various capacities of ministerial leadership.  In 2013 Sellittia connected with Apostle Troy and Andrea Cochran of New Beginnings Ministry. Apostle Troy and Andrea guided Sellittia on how to gain a more meaningful relationship with Christ and how to walk in spiritual giftings.  Under their direction, Sellittia established “Waiting Women '', a ministry designed to support women in dating the Godly way and enhancing their lives spiritually. Sellittia was ordained a church Elder in 2014 and preached her first sermon, I Kings 22, reflecting on the importance of having prophets assigned to your life and having them speak God’s truth and not man’s lies.

Sellittia is supported in ministry by her three children and three adorable granddaughters. She truly believes this is her season of favor to give back what God has given to her. Although her story has not been easy to walk out, she wants to encourage others in the Word, Romans 8:28, And we know that all things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.

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